LevelSnow (801-900 Cards)


Future 148


Trading 188


Regular Mastered 37

Member Decks

Member Decks 16


Turned In60
Last Logs11/09/15


Activity Log
11/09/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: aloevera08, amazonrainforest15, malachite11, sandstorms09
- How Many Flamingos?: fruitbats07, jellyfish14, singapore14
- Season Slots: lions06, malachite04, poppies03, Teal Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: peonies11, Teal Butterfly, winter10
- Flower Pick: cherryblossoms11, deadsea06, hibiscus04, opal06, Orange Butterfly, peridot13, redpandas04, tulips08
- Lucky 21: gold12, Orange Butterfly, redpandas02
- Mother Nature's Freebies: beaches09, prejoin203, sondoongcave03, sydneyaustralia04

11/02/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: amazonrainforest12, aloevera05, malachite13, sandstorms15

10/29/15 ------------
- Master (sharks): amazonrainforest06, amazonrainforest09, appaloosahorse12, beaches14, weepingwillows07
- Master (pomeranians): philippines06, sharks06, sharks09, singapore14, weepingwillows13
- Master (rivers): amazonrainforest14, pandas13, pomeranians11, pomeranians15, singapore12
- Master (deadsea): aquamarine15, clouds09, opal03, rivers03, rivers05
- Master (appaloosahorse): bottlenosedolphins13, caves13, deadsea11, deadsea12, meadows10
- Level Snow: bamboo03, deadsea08, swans10

10/28/15 ------------
- Rainbow Wheel: babyanimals04, Pink Butterfly
- Scrambled: japan05, pembrokewelshcorgi06, Teal Butterfly
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: beaches09, Blue Butterfly, chimpanzees06, galaxies03, siberiancats12
- Scrambled: liriver12, Teal Butterfly, winter06
- Big Dipper Puzzle: fluorite08, snowleopards06, volcanoes03
- How Many Flamingos?: aloevera10, jupiter04, poppies08
- Season Slots: fuchsias02, fuchsias09, mountains07, Purple Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: cliffs09, jade08, Orange Butterfly
- Flower Pick: aquamarine02, bluewhales06, koalabears11, lightning01, philippines08, pomeranians14, stonehenge14, Teal Butterfly
- Lucky 21: Blue Butterfly, jupiter06, pomeranians13
- Mother Nature's Freebies: bluebells13, icicles13, greentreepython07, sunflowers01
- Updates: aloevera03, amazonrainforest05, appaloosahorse14, Blue Butterfly, deadsea07, diamonds01, diamonds02, fluorite03, gold01, gold02, halloween01, halloween12, lavender02, leopardseals01, leopardseals02, malachite03, Orange Butterfly (x4), Pink Butterfly, pomeranians02, Purple Butterfly (x4), rivers01, sandstorms02, sharks04, Teal Butterfly, waterfalls02, yorkshireterriers06

10/26/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: pomeranians09, rivers06, sharks05, sharks11

10/25/15 ------------
- Guidebook Reward (3): Choice Earth & Land, lotus06, prejoin08

10/24/15 ------------
- Doubles Trade-In: whitetiger06 for stonehenge13
- Doubles Trade-In: deadsea10, philippines04, rivers08, rivers12, siamesecats10 for fruitbats13, pomeranians08, rivers02, rosequartz11, whitetiger06
- Doubles Trade-In: babyanimals01, bluebells12, caves02, chihuahuas01, copper09, flamingos07, forgetmenots03, hibiscus08, hydrangeas05, japan11, peonies06, rosequartz03, starfish05, waterfalls01, winter09 for aloevera13, ametrine14, babyanimals03, dachshunds11, deadsea10, emerald06, greentreepython05, meadows07, opal07, philippines04, rivers08, rivers12, sapphires09, siamesecats10, sydneyaustralia04

10/20/15 ------------
- War: emerald04, pumpkins06, Purple Butterfly
- Monkey Memory: copper05, lavender09, meadows04, Teal Butterfly
- Animal Tracks: amethyst06, fuchsias14, Purple Butterfly, stars07
- Wishing Well: cliffs14, prejoin205, rubies09
- Cat Call: redpandas08, redroses12, Teal Butterfly, yorkshireterriers10
- How Many Flamingos?: moon07, singapore11, volcanoes15
- Season Slots: azaleas06, Blue Butterfly, hydrangeas07, pumpkins05
- Little Dipper Puzzle: jellyfish04, Pink Butterfly, shimaenaga06
- Flower Pick: caves02, flamingos02, fog01, Orange Butterfly, pearls03, prejoin211, winter09, winter13
- Lucky 21: garnet06, hibiscus08, Purple Butterfly
- Mother Nature's Freebies: bluebells12, emerald15, sharks03, tulips15
- Updates: aloevera02, appaloosahorse10, appaloosahorse11, aquamarine01, hongkong12, lavender01, meadows09, peridot01, pumpkins09, seashells12, shimaenaga09, weepingwillows12

10/19/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: appaloosahorse15, deadsea05, rivers12, sharks08

10/16/15 ------------
- Crow's Collection: bluewhales11, starfish15 for azaleas07, bottlenosedolphins05, dahlias05, jade07

10/15/15 ------------
- Master (redroses): appaloosahorse06, appaloosahorse09, emperorpenguins07, peonies06, swans04
- Level Hurricane: bleedinghearts14, lotus03, redroses15
- Master (philippines): forgetmenots03, morningglory10, redroses09, redroses14, tulips10
- Master (sapphires): babyanimals01, lynxes05, philippines13, rosequartz14, winter12
- Master (prejoin2): cliffs12, philippines15, sapphires09, tanzanite10, winter08

10/13/15 ------------
- Rodeo Round Up: nebulae15, whitetiger03
- Rainbow Wheel: amazonrainforest07, starfish05
- Watery Cards: cheetahs10, peonies06, Pink Butterfly
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: cherryblossoms05, doves07, jellyfish06, Purple Butterfly, starfish03
- Scrambled: galaxies12, hippos02, Teal Butterfly
- Big Dipper Puzzle: beaches11, copper06, stonehenge01
- How Many Flamingos?: garnet04, icicles03, whitetiger06
- Season Slots: malachite10, rainbows01, tanzanite12, Teal Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: aurorae02, babyanimals05, Blue Butterfly
- Flower Pick: aloevera12, cheetahs11, clouds03, jade03, Pink Butterfly, prejoin210, salardeuyuni12, summer10
- Lucky 21: copper09, fruitbats03, Teal Butterfly
- Mother Nature's Freebies: appaloosahorse05, malachite06, nebulae07, rosequartz03
- Updates: fluorite01, fluorite02, jupiter01, jupiter02, jupiter03, lynxes01, lynxes02, philippines01, prejoin211, redroses07, sapphires08, snowleopards01, snowleopards02, winter07, yorkshireterriers05

10/12/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: cliffs15, lightning09, salardeuyuni10, sapphires14

10/10/15 ------------
- Pile of Leaves: ducks05
- Master (redpandas): aloevera15, copper10, lotus07, prejoin209, prejoin210
- Master (jellyfish): emperorpenguins15, redpandas11, redpandas12, sondoongcave04, waves02
- Master (garnet): aloevera01, bluebells02, bluewhales13, redpandas09, redpandas10
- Master (waves): bluebells12, fruitbats08, garnet07, jellyfish08, jellyfish10
- Master (volcanoes): ametrine12, beaches04, emerald14, jellyfish03, jellyfish05
- Master (rubies): deadsea15, galaxies02, garnet11, garnet12, japan11
- Master (hibiscus): chihuahuas01, garnet08, garnet10, whitetiger09, winter11
- Master (galaxies): chihuahuas01, lavender14, rosequartz03, waves07, waves15

10/08/15 ------------
- Deck Suggestions: blackcats14, copper14, fog06, redroses11, winter09
- Hot Fire Trivia!: aurorae08, azaleas04, azaleas15, Blue Butterfly, caves02, galaxies09, galaxies11, hibiscus08, hibiscus14, hibiscus15, Orange Butterfly (x2), orcas10, pembrokewelshcorgi04, Pink Butterfly (x2), pomeranians07, rosequartz07, salardeuyuni04, salardeuyuni06, siamesecats04, siamesecats12, summer13, volcanoes13, waterfalls01
- Astronomy 101: greentreepython08, Orange Butterfly, sapphires13
- How Many Flamingos?: aurorae02, chimpanzees01, jade09
- Season Slots: bluebells09, ducks15, emerald09, Purple Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: Pink Butterfly, poppies04, rubies14
- Flower Pick: beaches05, dalmatians01, jellyfish12, lavender10, Orange Butterfly, pandas01, pembrokewelshcorgi10, swans02
- Lucky 21: Purple Butterfly, siamesecats10, stargazerlilies04
- Mother Nature's Freebies: azaleas14, deadsea02, flamingos14, siamesecats11
- Updates: amazonrainforest04, appaloosahorse04, babyanimals01, babyanimals08, Blue Butterfly, cheetahs01, cheetahs02, galaxies03, garnet06, jade01, jade02, malachite01, malachite02, opal01, opal02, Orange Butterfly, Pink Butterfly, pomeranians01, prejoin206, Purple Butterfly, redpandas03, redroses02, rubies07, singapore12, sondoongcave09, stonehenge07, sunrise07, Teal Butterfly, volcanoes07, yorkshireterriers01, yorkshireterriers02, yorkshireterriers03

10/05/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: prejoin207, redroses05, sapphires03, winter15

10/03/15 ------------
- Swap Swamp: aloevera01, fog06 for redroses03, redroses10

10/02/15 ------------
- Master (lightning): flamingos07, philippines02, sloths07, waves03, waves06
- Level Sandstorm: lightning14, salardeuyuni14, swans02
- Master (huskies): cherryblossoms08, cherryblossoms09, lightning07, lightning08, sydneyaustralia14
- Master (prejoin): forgetmenots09, huskies09, lightning02, starfish01, summer03
- Master (pearls): clouds13, huskies03, huskies07, huskies08, lotus12
- Master (dahlias): forgetmenots05, huskies06, hydrangeas05, pomeranians06, prejoin08
- Master (rosequartz): jellyfish13, lavender13, prejoin03, prejoin04, orcas13
- Master (ametrine): chimpanzees01, dahlias13, pearls12, rainbows15, sandstorms05
- Doubles Trade-In: lions04 for sydneyaustralia01

10/01/15 ------------
- Crows Collection: swans06, swans15 for amethyst13, elephants01, emerald10, lions04
- Spooky Freebies: ametrine06, dahlias07, huskies03, pearls06, prejoin09, prejoin203rosequartz10, volcanoes04

09/29/15 ------------
- Pile of Leaves: rivers10, volcanoes05
- Guidebook Reward (2): Choice Member, cliffs03, pearls04
- Guidebook Reward (1): caves04, Choice Earth & Land, rainbows06

09/28/15 ------------
- War: copper12, Teal Butterfly, waves14
- Monkey Memory: aloevera08, amethyst15, emperorpenguins06, Purple Butterfly
- Animal Tracks: huskies11, Purple Butterfly, rainbows02, sapphires06
- Wishing Well: bamboo02, rivers07, prejoin05
- Cat Call: bamboo10, Pink Butterfly, jellyfish02, winter06
- Rainbow Wheel: tulips07, winter10
- Scrambled: Blue Butterfly, hydrangeas04, jellyfish01, rain01
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: cherryblossoms07, Orange Butterfly, polarbears15, salardeuyuni05, volcanoes15
- Scrambled: beaches07, pearls13, Teal Butterfly, waterfalls13
- Big Dipper Puzzle: caves13, deadsea02, jellyfish14
- How Many Flamingos?: azaleas02, fog11, tulips11
- Season Slots: bluewhales11, lightning04, lightning05, Orange Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: emerald09, Orange Butterfly, waves04
- Flower Pick: ametrine01, flamingos13, icicles08, japan13, jellyfish03, moon14, Orange Butterfly, rosequartz15
- Lucky 21: aloevera01, aloevera09, Blue Butterfly
- Mother Nature's Freebies: dahlias09, jellyfish15, redroses04, sharks14
- Doubles Trade-In: huskies10 for sandstorms14
- Doubles Trade-In: ametrine09, galaxies04, sandstorms06, volcanoes10 for bluewhales04, huskies10, japan02, japan10
- Staff Pay: cliffs14, galaxies04, hydrangeas05, redpandas05
- Updates: aloevera14, amazonrainforest01, amazonrainforest02, amazonrainforest03, appaloosahorse01, appaloosahorse02, appaloosahorse03, appaloosahorse08, appaloosahorse12, chihuahuas05, chihuahuas08, chimpanzees11, chimpanzees12, dahlias03, garnet01, garnet02, garnet03, hibiscus03, hibiscus05, salardeuyuni09, sapphires04, summer07, waves11

09/24/15 ------------
- Master (tanzanite): elephants13, prejoin214, rosequartz02, rosequartz07, whitetiger03
- Master (nebulae): doves09, peonies14, philippines04, tanzanite09, tanzanite11
- Master (koalabears): elephants07, jellyfish05, nebulae14, stars07, tanzanite05
- Master (bluewhales): ametrine09, doves02, nebulae08, nebulae13, sloths11
- Master (orcas): amethyst05, emerald15, koalabears07, koalabears08, tulips09
- Master (amethyst): bluewhales13, bluewhales14, fog06, jellyfish04, rivers15
- How Many Flamingos?: cherryblossoms03, cliffs14, doves01
- Season Slots: bluewhales06, koalabears14, orcas11, Purple Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: amethyst15, prejoin204, Purple Butterfly
- Flower Pick: dahlias10, huskies13, moon07, pearls03, pearls11, Purple Butterfly, redpandas07, waterfalls05
- Lucky 21: aurorae05, emperorpenguins15, Orange Butterfly
- Mother Nature's Freebies: orcas14, rosequartz06, sandstorms06, sharks15

09/21/15 ------------
- Staff Pay: clouds15, fog15, hibiscus02, redroses01
- Pile of Leaves: bluewhales10, volcanoes10
- Updates: amethyst14, ametrine02, bluewhales01, dahlias01, emperorpenguins11, hibiscus01, koalabears05, lightning01, nebulae05, nebulae10, orcas05, pearls01, prejoin02, rosequartz09, tanzanite15, waves01, waves12

09/17/15 ------------
- Doubles Trade-In: prejoin215 for prejoin212
- Doubles Trade-In: amethyst08, cliffs09, dahlias06, orcas09, redpandas06, waves08, waves10 for cherryblossoms13, clouds13, deadsea01, lavender13, lotus10, prejoin215, waterfalls01
- Staff Pay (2): amethyst10, emperorpenguins12, lightning13, nebulae15, orcas13, sandstorms13, sharks12, tanzanite08

09/16/15 ------------
- Pile of Leaves: bluewhales05, tanzanite12
- Rodeo Round Up: blackcats01, winter01
- Crows Collection: moon06 for ametrine15, rubies03
- Level Clouds: amethyst08, amethyst13, pearls08
- Master (emerald): amethyst07, amethyst08, dahlias06, huskies15, rosequartz11
- Master (stars): emerald05, emerald13, flamingos07, prejoin215, rubies15
- Master (polarbears): cliffs09, emerald02, hibiscus09, stars13, whitetiger14
- Master (japan): clouds05, polarbears11, redpandas06, stars12, sydneyaustralia01
- Master (doves): galaxies10, hibiscus07, japan11, japan14, polarbears10
- Master (cherryblossoms): blackcats06, doves07, emerald12, japan10, orcas09

09/15/15 ------------
- War: lions04, sharks15, Teal Butterfly
- Monkey Memory: bluewhales08, dalmatians09, Pink Butterfly, waves08
- Animal Tracks: bamboo03, Blue Butterfly, cherryblossoms07, koalabears12
- Wishing Well: bluewhales09, pomeranians03, sloths15
- Cat Call: clouds04, Pink Butterfly, starfish15, winter02
- How Many Flamingos? (2): blackcats14, nebulae06, redroses08, starfish05, sydneyaustralia03, volcanoes01
- Season Slots (2): Blue Butterfly, emerald08, lions06, moon10, peonies15, philippines07, prejoin205, Teal Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle (2): blackcats06, dachshunds04, pearls09, Purple Butterfly (x2), tanzanite06
- Flower Pick (2): ametrine14, bamboo08, cherryblossoms02, dachshunds13, emerald15, fog04, fog08, icicles04, orcas12, polarbears13, Teal Butterfly (x2), waves10, winter09
- Lucky 21 (2): cherryblossoms12, doves06, Pink Butterfly, Purple Butterfly, rainbows08, redpandas06
- Mother Nature's Freebies (2): bluewhales12, ducks03, hydrangeas09, lightning03, lightning12, lions09, prejoin213, redpandas08
- Updates: amethyst05, cherryblossoms08, doves03, fog14, huskies01, huskies02, japan06, lavender12, nebulae04, polarbears08, poppies09, prejoin201, prejoin202, stars10, tanzanite03, whitetiger09

09/12/15 ------------
- Grand Opening Freebies: Choice Plant, japan15, redpandas04, stars14

09/10/15 ------------
- Doubles Trade-In: cherryblossoms11, japan08 for sharks06, tanzanite04
- Doubles Trade-In: azaleas09, bleedinghearts08, bleedinghearts08, bluewhales04, caves11, cherryblossoms10, cliffs09, doves04, koalabears06, nebulae02, pembrokewelshcorgi03, polarbears04, sloths11 for ametrine14, bluebells03, caves04, cherryblossoms11, dahlias14, ducks05, emerald07, japan08, koalabears15, moon12, sharks07, starfish08, waves08
- Pile of Leaves: polarbears15, volcanoes09

09/08/15 ------------
- Rainbow Wheel: azaleas09, cherryblossoms04, jellyfish13, rainbows14
- Watery Card: blackcats08, Blue Butterly, pandas11, polarbears06
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: bleedinghearts02, Blue Butterfly, bluewhales04, ducks03, rivers04
- Scrambled: aurorae02, Blue Butterfly, icicles15, lightning10
- Big Dipper Puzzle: beaches11, forgetmenots03, winter14
- How Many Flamingos?: moon06, prejoin12, sapphires10
- Season Slots: dahlias05, dachshunds09, Purple Butterfly, redpandas13
- Little Dipper Puzzle: Blue Butterfly, dachshunds07, sandstorms10
- Flower Pick: bleedinghearts08, Blue Butterfly, cliffs09, moon10, rosequartz04, sloths11, stars11, tulips10
- Lucky 21: amethyst12, cherryblossoms02, Teal Butterfly
- Mother Nature's Freebies: bleedinghearts08, hydrangeas09, nebulae09, volcanoes10
- Updates: amethyst02, amethyst04, caves11, cherryblossoms01, cherryblossoms13, Choice Animal, Choice Any, Choice Earth & Land, Choice Member, Choice Mineral, Choice Plant, Choice Sky & Weather, dalmatians09, doves02, emerald01, emerald03, emperorpenguins12, galaxies01, galaxies02, hibiscus14, hydrangeas10, lotus07, nebulae01, polarbears02, pomeranians04, rubies01, rubies02, sapphires01, sapphires02, stars04, stars06, tulips14

09/01/15 ------------
- Member Survey: cherryblossoms10, dachshunds04, deadsea10, doves04, lightning05, waves13, winter11

08/31/15 ------------
- Rodeo Round Up: deadsea07, nebulae11
- War: icicles11, Orange Butterfly, rain06
- Monkey Memory: bamboo01, emerald10, Purple Butterfly, swans15
- Wishing Well: dahlias04, koalabears06, pearls15
- Cat Call: dachshunds14, deadsea13, Pink Butterfly, volcanoes03
- How Many Flamingos?: dahlias06, nebulae02, rivers05
- Season Slots: dachshunds06, polarbears12, rosequartz01, Teal Butterfly
- Little Dipper Puzzle: caves15, dachshunds12, Pink Butterfly
- Flower Pick: bleedinghearts03, bluewhales03, caves11, cherryblossoms11, ducks11, flamingos03, Pink Butterfly, waterfalls02
- Lucky 21: Blue Butterfly, bluewhales07, sharks01
- Mother Nature's Freebies: bluewhales04, caves01, flamingos01, polarbears04
- Updates: azaleas09, blackcats09, bluebells04, cliffs09, dachshunds06, orcas01, orcas02, starfish09, tanzanite01, tanzanite02

08/26/15 ------------
- Crows Collection: aurorae09 for bamboo03, caves12
- Welcome Freebies: doves01, japan05, lions10, nebulae12, sandstorms02
- Rainbow Wheel: elephants07, japan04, japan07, pearls01
- Watery Card: ametrine01, Blue Butterfly, deadsea01, sharks10
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: ametrine12, bamboo14, beaches05, doves15, Orange Butterfly
- Lottery: cherryblossoms07, elephants12, Teal Butterfly, waves05
- Big Dipper Puzzle: peonies06, polarbears04, sandstorms05, sloths05
- How Many Flamingos?: pembrokewelshcorgi03, philippines09, redroses08
- Season Slots: ametrine05, Blue Butterfly, lightning10, lightning14
- Little Dipper Puzzle: japan03, lightning09, nebulae07, polarbears05
- Flower Pick: bamboo11, bleedinghearts03, bleedinghearts08, bluewhales13, sloths07, Teal Butterfly
- Lucky 21: bleedinghearts06, emerald10, Teal Butterfly
- Mother Nature's Freebies: icicles07, pembrokewelshcorgi03, stars15, waterfalls03
- Updates: ametrine07, aurorae09, deadsea09, japan01, japan02, pembrokewelshcorgi15, redroses09, sharks12, stars01, stars02

08/24/15 ------------
- How Many Flamingos?: flamingos15, lions15, redpandas08
- Season Slots: emerald12, Pink Butterfly, sloths11, swans06
- Flower Pick: bleedinghearts13, koalabears04, lightning06, Orange Butterfly, sandstorms06, waves10
- Lucky 21: caves05, Orange Butterfly, sloths10
- Mother Nature's Freebies: amethyst03, doves12, lightning04, redpandas15
- Starter Pack: cherryblossoms05, dahlias08, doves11, doves13, nebulae02, nebulae03, sandstorms07
Trade Log
11/09/15 ------------
- Traded Rheanna: pumpkins05, pumpkins06, weepingwillows07 for halloween02, halloween15, lavender06

11/01/15 ------------
- Traded Sponge: fog06, forgetmenots09, liriver12, md-Kayori01, md-Kayori02, md-Kayori03, md-Kayori10, md-Kayori11, singapore11, singapore12, sondoongcave04, sondoongcave09, stonehenge01, sydneyaustralia04, volcanoes03 for aloevera14, aquamarine14, cheetahs14, cheetahs15, jade12, jupiter14, jupiter15, lotus02, lotus10, md-Sponge01, md-Sponge02, md-Sponge03, md-Sponge10, md-Sponge11, sandstorms07

10/31/15 ------------
- Traded Gosia: amethyst06, beaches04, beaches05, beaches09, beaches11, beaches14, md-Kayori01, md-Kayori10, meadows04, meadows07, meadows09, summer10, summer13, weepingwillows12, weepingwillows13, whitetiger09 for amazonrainforest11, cheetahs09, copper07, diamonds09, diamonds11, gold07, gold09, jade05, lavender05, malachite09, md-Gosia01, md-Gosia10, opal09, opal13, peridot09, yorkshireterriers09

10/30/15 ------------
- Traded Echo: cliffs09, moon07 for aloevera07, copper04
- Traded Josie: japan05 for fluorite11

10/29/15 ------------
- Traded Ash: appaloosahorse12, flamingos01, flamingos02, flamingos07, flamingos15, icicles03, icicles13, md-Kayori01, md-Kayori03, md-Kayori10, md-Kayori11, morningglory10, nebulae07, pearls03 for aloevera11, babyanimals07, babyanimals12, babyanimals14, copper13, jade06, lynxes07, md-Ash01, md-Ash03, md-Ash10, md-Ash11, peridot06, waterfalls04, yorkshireterriers12
- Traded Hotaru: garnet04, garnet07 for aloevera04, malachite14
- Traded Misty: blackcats14, hongkong12, salardeuyuni04, salardeuyuni09, salardeuyuni10, salardeuyuni12, siamesecats04, siamesecats10 for amazonrainforest08, copper01, copper02, jupiter09, lavender07, sandstorms01, sandstorms03, sandstorms10

10/20/15 ------------
- Traded Akito: nebulae02, nebulae15 for amazonrainforest10, deadsea09

10/18/15 ------------
- Traded Aija: azaleas14, azaleas15, bleedinghearts14 for malachite15, opal05, sandstorms12

10/16/15 ------------
- Traded Mysti: ducks05 for rivers08

10/14/15 ------------
- Traded Amber: aurorae02, aurorae08, rain01 for malachite08, philippines15, yorkshireterriers04

10/12/15 ------------
- Traded Jamie: greentreepython08 for malachite05

10/11/15 ------------
- Traded Steph: huskies03, huskies09, rainbows02, rainbows06, rainbows14, rainbows15 for cheetahs03, cheetahs12, philippines11, pomeranians12, winter04, yorkshireterriers13
- Traded Mysti: hibiscus14, singapore12, sunrise07 for philippines05, pomeranians05, winter03
- Traded Effy: copper12, poppies04, salardeuyuni05, salardeuyuni06, siamesecats11, siamesecats12, stonehenge07 for cheetahs05, deadsea13, malachite12, pomeranians10, redroses06, rivers11, sharks13

10/09/15 ------------
- Traded Kathryn: azaleas02, cliffs09, emperorpenguins15 for garnet05, garnet07, hibiscus12
- Traded Erin: japan02 for rivers09

10/04/15 ------------
- Traded Crow: amethyst13, caves11, caves13, caves15, icicles08 for dahlias13, pearls12, rubies05, rubies10, volcanoes02
- Traded Echo: cliffs03, japan10, lotus12, moon10, orcas13, polarbears15, rain06, waterfalls13 for deadsea14, jellyfish07, jellyfish09, jellyfish15, philippines06, redpandas01, redroses13, volcanoes12
- Traded Effy: summer07 for volcanoes06
- Traded Evey: dachshunds04, dachshunds06, dachshunds07, dachshunds14 for jellyfish06, redpandas02, sharks01, sharks10

10/03/15 ------------
- Traded Kelly: emerald15 for philippines04
- Traded Jannet: emerald12, forgetmenots05, rosequartz15, sloths07 for deadsea06, deadsea10, galaxies12, hibiscus04
- Traded Jamie: bamboo08, chimpanzees01, chimpanzees12, doves01, ducks03, elephants01, elephants13, fog11, fog15, lions04, lions06, lions09, pandas11, swans02 for appaloosahorse07, garnet09, garnet13, garnet14, hibiscus08, jellyfish11, philippines08, philippines10, redpandas15, redroses12, rivers13, rivers14, rubies04, rubies12
- Traded Catherine: bamboo10, clouds13, dalmatians09, emerald09 for dahlias10, huskies09, prejoin208, sapphires07
- Traded Akito: deadsea02, hydrangeas04 for hibiscus11, pearls11
- Traded Nina: aloevera08, aloevera09, aloevera14, caves04, cherryblossoms08, cherryblossoms09, clouds13 for appaloosahorse13, galaxies07, philippines03, philippines12, redpandas14, sharks02, sharks07

10/02/15 ------------
- Traded Gosia: dachshunds09, dachshunds13, moon14 for ametrine01, rosequartz15, rubies06
- Traded Eon: stars07 for hibiscus13
- Traded Devon: caves04, moon07 for deadsea03, deadsea04

10/01/15 ------------
- Traded Ash: beaches07, jellyfish03, jellyfish05, jellyfish15 for dahlias12, galaxies05, hibiscus06, huskies14
- Traded Cami: amethyst05, amethyst15, cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms03, cherryblossoms07, chimpanzees11, clouds15 for amazonrainforest13, galaxies06, galaxies13, huskies05, lightning15, volcanoes08, volcanoes14
- Traded Cheshire: bamboo01 for ametrine08
- Traded Aija: bleedinghearts13, cliffs14 for ametrine10, hibiscus10
- Traded Cate: tulips11 for volcanoes11
- Traded Mysti: cliffs14, emperorpenguins06, emperorpenguins11, emperorpenguins12 for galaxies14, garnet15, rosequartz14, waves09

09/30/15 ------------
- Traded Effy: elephants07, philippines04, tulips07, tulips09 for ametrine07, dahlias11, garnet04, lightning06

09/26/15 ------------
- Traded Hotaru: whitetiger03 for dahlias02

09/25/15 ------------
- Traded Deanna: aurorae02, aurorae05, bluebells03, bluebells04 for dahlias08, dahlias15, hibiscus15, pearls10

09/22/15 ------------
- Traded Misty: cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms13, lotus07, lotus10 for galaxies04, rosequartz12, sapphires12, waves02

09/21/15 ------------
- Traded Sponge: caves12, hydrangeas09, hydrangeas10, lavender12, lavender13, sydneyaustralia01, sydneyaustralia03 for galaxies15, huskies12, pearls07, prejoin01, rosequartz08, winter05, winter13

09/17/15 ------------
- Traded Aija: bleedinghearts02, bleedinghearts03, bleedinghearts06, pembrokewelshcorgi03, pembrokewelshcorgi15 for orcas06, rosequartz13, rubies13, sapphires05, tanzanite10
- Traded Mysti: sharks01, sharks15 for ametrine13, pearls02
- Traded Akito: blackcats06, blackcats14, hydrangeas09, sharks06, sharks07 for ametrine12, bluewhales02, pearls05, prejoin06, rubies08

09/16/15 ------------
- Traded Nessa: bleedinghearts08, dalmatians09, sloths11, sloths15 for bluewhales11, bluewhales15, koalabears01, koalabears10
- Traded Allison: clouds04, clouds05, waterfalls02 for ametrine04, ametrine09, rosequartz05
- Traded Effy: blackcats01, blackcats06, deadsea13, ducks03, elephants12, fog08, fog14, peonies15, poppies09, whitetiger09 for ametrine03, ametrine05, ametrine11, galaxies08, lightning09, lightning11, pearls14, prejoin07, rosequartz03, sapphires11
- Traded Rahenna: ametrine14, deadsea07, deadsea10 for huskies10, koalabears09, orcas03
- Traded Mysti: icicles04, fog04 for huskies04, sapphires15

09/13/15 ------------
- Traded Hotaru: emperorpenguins12 for prejoin13

09/11/15 ------------
- Traded Catherine: bamboo03, flamingos03, sandstorms10 for orcas07, prejoin15, tanzanite07
- Traded Akito: blackcats08, blackcats09 for prejoin11, prejoin14

09/10/15 ------------
- Traded Crow: ametrine14, ducks05, ducks11 for orcas08, orcas09, orcas15
- Traded Mysti: moon10, moon12, rivers05 for orcas10, polarbears07, rubies11
- Traded Cheshire: jellyfish13 for tanzanite13
- Traded Ash: caves01 for doves10
- Traded Cate: azaleas09, tulips10, beaches11 for prejoin10, rubies09, tanzanite14

09/10/15 ------------
- Traded Nox: cherryblossoms11 for doves09

09/05/15 ------------
- Traded Deanna: bleedinghearts03, emerald10 for koalabears04, koalabears11
- Traded Hotaru: icicles11, lightning05 for amethyst01, amethyst06

09/02/15 ------------
- Traded Jams: dachshunds04, dachshunds06, dachshunds12 for doves04, koalabears03, orcas04

08/30/15 ------------
- Traded Effy: sloths05 for stars09

08/27/15 ------------
- Traded Hotaru: icicles07, koalabears04, lightning09, lightning10, lightning14, redpandas08, redpandas15 for cherryblossoms06, cherryblossoms14, emerald04, emerald09, emerald11, stars03, stars07

08/28/15 ------------
- Traded Sponge: deadsea01, sandstorms05, sandstorms07 for doves08, koalabears06, polarbears14

08/27/15 ------------
- Traded Samichan: sloths07 for amethyst09
- Traded Maron: ametrine01, ametrine05, ametrine07, beaches05 for doves14, japan08, stars05, stars08
- Traded Tari: bluewhales13, elephants07 for amethyst11, polarbears03
- Traded Naomi: lightning06 for emerald14
- Traded Lex: lightning04 for doves05

08/26/15 ------------
- Traded Mysti: redroses08, redroses09 for cherryblossoms09, japan13
- Traded Wing: lions15, pearls01 for koalabears02, koalabears13
- Traded Nina: bamboo11, bamboo14 for japan11, polarbears09
- Traded Echo: peonies06 for polarbears01
- Traded Catherine: sandstorms02 for cherryblossoms15
- Traded Akito: dahlias08, deadsea09, sharks10, sharks12 for cherryblossoms11, emerald06, japan09, japan12
- Traded Jams: ametrine12 for cherryblossoms03
- Traded Ash: caves05 for cherryblossoms10