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Last Logs01/24/16
Activity Log
04/09/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: davidmorrissey13, s2-daryldixon19
- Freebies: f-s1-travismadison17, s1-rickgrimes07
- Slots: f-s1-patientzero05, s6-thankyou03
- Hangman: melissamcbride03, s2-glennmaggie05, s2-prettyconfident03
- War: emilykinney14, s3-michonne02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: p-s5-carol03, ts-1910
- Peeptin: p-s6-deanna15, s2-prettyconfident05, s5-abrahamford09
- Lottery: emilykinney14, p-s5-rick01, p-s5-rick08
- Make a Wish: normanreedus05, s3-andreamichonne19
- Memory: deadalready19, p-s5-tyreese15
- Spin the Wheel: melissamcbride17, s4-hammertime15
- Higher or Lower: s3-silentproposal14, s4-theflowers01
- Blackjack: melissamcbride13, s5-abrahamford10
- Card Claim: f-s1-patientzero12, laurieholden20, s2-dalehorvath15, s6-thankyou09
- Tic Tac Toe: s6-thankyou13

04/03/16 ------------
- Level Up (6): melissamcbride09, p-s5-carol09, s3-silentproposal11
- Master (s1-imherenow): f-soclose15, s3-silentproposal06, s3-silentproposal07, s5-maggiegreene12, s5-maggiegreene20
- Master (s5-abrahamford): guts17, p-s5-maggie09, s1-imherenow14, s3-silentproposal03, s4-hammertime07
- Master (s3-andreamichonne): s1-imherenow13, s5-abrahamford16, s5-darylcarol13, spend03, tothefrogs10
- Master (f-pilot): s1-imherenow04, s4-ricksdecision15, s5-abrahamford14, s5-abrahamford15, s5-darylcarol13
- Master (stevenyeun): emilykinney15, p-s5-glenn12, s3-andrea12, s5-abrahamford09, s5-abrahamford13
- Master (p-s6-walkerdaryl): f-soclose06, melissamcbride13, s1-ricklori18, s3-andreamichonne12, s3-andreamichonne20
- Master (melissamcbride): p-s5-maggie16, s1-ricklori19, s3-andreamichonne08, s3-andreamichonne09, s3-merledixon14
- Master (davidmorrissey): daysgonebye04, f-pilot06, f-pilot19, s3-andreamichonne05, s5-maggiegreene12
- Master (spend): f-pilot17, f-pilot18, f-pilot18, p-s6-walkerdaryl13, s5-glennmaggie09
- Master (s5-maggiegreene): davidmorrissey20, f-pilot15, p-s5-beth12, s5-glennmaggie15, stevenyeun14
- Master (s5-darylcarol): davidmorrissey15, davidmorrissey19, normanreedus20, s1-ricklori03, ts-1913
- Master (s2-prettyconfident): davidmorrissey07, p-s5-glenn10, p-s5-maggie09, p-s6-walkerdaryl11, ts-1917
- Master (s2-glennmaggie): claimed11, f-pilot14, p-s6-walkerdaryl07, p-s6-walkerdaryl10, s4-darylbeth13
- Master (s1-ricklori): f-pilot12, p-s5-rick18, s1-shanewalsh16, stevenyeun16, stevenyeun17
- Master (f-s1-patientzero): daysgonebye14, melissamcbride16, melissamcbride17, p-s5-rick12, s5-abrahamford01

04/02/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: f-s1-patientzero14, s3-merledixon13
- Freebies: daysgonebye18, s5-abrahamford08
- Slots: s2-carlgrimes06, s2-daryldixon17
- Hangman: claimed14, p-s5-glenn02, p-s6-aaron04
- War: laurieholden09, s2-dalehorvath09
- Upcoming Decks Vote: s1-rickgrimes04, s5-glennmaggie19
- Peeptin: melissamcbride11, s2-glennmaggie14, ts-1905
- Lottery: normanreedus07, s2-daryldixon07, s3-andreamichonne10, stevenyeun12
- Make a Wish: melissamcbride14, s5-glennmaggie09
- Memory: p-s5-beth17, p-s6-aaron05
- Spin the Wheel: emilykinney10, p-s5-carol04, s2-daryldixon03, s3-andrea14
- Higher or Lower: laurieholden03, s1-lorigrimes18
- Blackjack: f-pilot13, s5-darylcarol09
- Card Claim: davidmorrissey01, f-s1-patientzero02, f-s1-patientzero04, f-s1-travismadison14
- Tic Tac Toe: s4-ricksdecision04

03/26/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: emilykinney12, tothefrogs18
- Freebies: p-s6-aaron13, s2-prettyconfident06
- Slots: popfigures207, s5-darylcarol16
- Hangman: guts10, p-s5-daryl10, s3-andreamichonne01
- War: s1-shanewalsh15, s2-dalehorvath16
- Peeptin: s1-imherenow02, s1-ricklori04, s2-glennmaggie12
- Lottery: f-pilot06, s2-daryldixon09, stevenyeun08
- Memory: s3-michonne08, stevenyeun07
- Spin the Wheel: claimed09, p-s6-deanna13, s1-shanewalsh02, tothefrogs02
- Higher or Lower: p-s5-beth18, p-s6-walkerdaryl06
- Blackjack: p-s5-maggie03, tothefrogs09
- Tic Tac Toe: s2-glennmaggie06

03/19/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: s3-andrea08, s3-merledixon12
- Freebies: popfigures102, s1-ricklori06
- Slots: s3-andreamichonne17, s5-maggiegreene01
- Hangman: davidmorrissey16, p-s6-deanna03, stevenyeun19
- War: p-s5-tyreese01, p-s6-walkerdaryl16
- Peeptin: s1-lorigrimes18, s3-andreamichonne07, tothefrogs04
- Lottery: f-soclose19, s2-dalehorvath10
- Memory: deadalready20, p-s5-daryl18
- Spin the Wheel: s1-shanewalsh03, s5-glennmaggie12
- Higher or Lower: s2-dalehorvath06, s5-maggiegreene17
- Blackjack: f-s1-patientzero11, s3-andreamichonne15
- Tic Tac Toe: normanreedus11

03/12/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: p-s5-beth11, p-s5-beth14
- Freebies: f-s1-patientzero09, s2-allthistime01
- Slots: p-s6-deanna04, s6-thankyou06
- Hangman: davidmorrissey08, p-s5-tyreese12, ts-1909
- War: s3-silentproposal04, s6-thankyou11
- Peeptin: s2-glennmaggie17, s5-maggiegreene01, stevenyeun11
- Lottery: f-soclose20, s5-maggiegreene17
- Memory: s1-shanewalsh17, s3-andrea02
- Spin the Wheel: p-s5-carol05, p-s5-daryl03
- Higher or Lower: guts14, s1-imherenow12
- Blackjack: s1-rickgrimes18, s2-daryldixon14
- Tic Tac Toe: s1-imherenow07

03/05/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: s2-glennmaggie12, s3-andreamichonne04
- Freebies: s3-michonne15, s5-glennmaggie16
- Slots: p-s5-rick12, s3-andreamichonne18
- Hangman: p-s5-carol12, s2-glennmaggie10, spend16
- War: guts01, s1-imherenow15
- Peeptin: p-s6-deanna02, s3-michonne14, s4-hammertime06
- Lottery: p-s6-aaron12, s5-glennmaggie04
- Memory: s2-carlgrimes12, stevenyeun09
- Spin the Wheel: p-s5-rick09, p-s6-deanna08, p-s5-maggie11
- Higher or Lower: claimed03, s6-thankyou15
- Blackjack: s5-maggiegreene15, s1-shanewalsh07
- Tic Tac Toe: s1-rickgrimes16

02/28/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: p-s6-aaron10, s3-silentproposal10
- Freebies: p-s5-tyreese15, s2-glennmaggie16
- Slots: s1-rickgrimes16, s2-prettyconfident01
- Hangman: p-s5-beth05, p-s6-walkerdaryl12, s2-dalehorvath17
- War: s5-maggiegreene12, s5-maggiegreene19
- Upcoming Decks Vote: popfigures101, s1-ricklori20
- Peeptin: normanreedus09, s3-michonne11, s4-ricksdecision10
- Lottery: p-s6-deanna18, s5-maggiegreene10, stevenyeun15, tothefrogs03
- Memory: claimed01, s2-daryldixon03
- Spin the Wheel: p-s5-beth06, s4-darylbeth18, s4-hammertime07
- Higher or Lower: daysgonebye12, s2-daryldixon09
- Melting Pot: davidmorrissey05, emilykinney10 for melissamcbride12, s1-ts19eiv04
- Blackjack: s2-glennmaggie20, s3-andreamichonne11
- Card Claim: davidmorrissey17, f-s1-travismadison18, melissamcbride18, melissamcbride19
- Tic Tac Toe: spend19
- Updates: davidmorrissey03, davidmorrissey06, f-pilot02, f-pilot05, f-s1-patientzero03, f-s1-patientzero06, f-s1-travismadison01, f-s1-travismadison02, melissamcbride09, melissamcbride10, p-s5-beth01, p-s6-walkerdaryl04, p-s6-walkerdaryl05, s1-ricklori06, s2-glennmaggie03, s2-glennmaggie04, s2-prettyconfident05, s2-prettyconfident06, s3-andrea01, s5-abrahamford02, s5-abrahamford07, s5-maggiegreene05, s5-maggiegreene08, spend12, spend14, stevenyeun01, stevenyeun02, ts-1901

02/20/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: normanreedus05, s5-abrahamford11
- Freebies: p-s5-maggie12, s2-dalehorvath08
- Slots: p-s5-tyreese10, s3-andreamichonne06
- Hangman: p-s5-glenn09, s2-glennmaggie13, stevenyeun18
- War: melissamcbride06, p-s6-aaron15
- Peeptin: p-s6-walkerdaryl14, s1-imherenow10, s3-merledixon10
- Lottery: daysgonebye08, normanreedus17, s1-shanewalsh02, s5-abrahamford17, stevenyeun05
- Memory: s3-michonne04, s5-glennmaggie05
- Spin the Wheel: s1-shanewalsh20
- Higher or Lower: f-s1-travismadison08, s1-rickgrimes15
- Blackjack: emilykinney10, s2-dalehorvath12
- Tic Tac Toe: davidmorrissey12

02/13/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: popfigures210, popfigures211
- Freebies: s1-lorigrimes08, s4-theflowers15
- Slots: laurieholden07, s6-thankyou04
- Hangman: s1-ricklori05, stevenyeun06, s1-ts19eiv08
- War: p-s5-carol11, popfigures107
- Peeptin: s1-rickgrimes20, s2-prettyconfident09, s4-darylbeth20
- Lottery: p-s5-glenn05, popfigures203, s3-merledixon07, s6-thankyou08
- Memory: s3-silentproposal08, stevenyeun20
- Spin the Wheel: p-s6-walkerdaryl17, s1-ricklori03, s1-ricklori16, s2-prettyconfident12, spend18
- Higher or Lower: s3-andreamichonne03, s4-ricksdecision07
- Blackjack: p-s6-walkerdaryl03, s1-ricklori02
- Tic Tac Toe: s2-carlgrimes02

02/06/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: s3-michonne20, s5-maggiegreene04
- Freebies: f-pilot11, s5-maggiegreene06
- Slots: s2-dalehorvath11, s5-abrahamford18
- Hangman: melissamcbride07, p-s6-deanna09, s3-michonne19
- War: s4-darylbeth11, p-s5-glenn11
- Upcoming Decks Vote: guts04, s5-abrahamford01
- Peeptin: p-s5-tyreese01, s1-ricklori12, s5-abrahamford03
- Lottery: davidmorrissey09, p-s5-glenn12, p-s5-rick08, s5-darylcarol19
- Make a Wish: p-s6-deanna10, s1-shanewalsh09
- Memory: s1-imherenow01, s2-allthistime03
- Spin The Wheel: p-s6-walkerdaryl18
- Higher or Lower: s1-ricklori17, s3-andreamichonne19
- Blackjack: s2-carlgrimes05, tothefrogs10
- Card Claim: s1-lorigrimes04, s1-lorigrimes06, s2-glennmaggie08, s3-andreamichonne02
- Tic Tac Toe: s1-lorigrimes10

01/30/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: f-soclose12, s5-maggiegreene03
- Freebies: s1-imherenow06, s4-hammertime04
- Slots: f-s1-patientzero15, s5-maggiegreene01
- Hangman: p-s6-deanna07, s1-shanewalsh07, s3-silentproposal13
- War: f-s1-travismadison13, s1-lorigrimes09
- Upcoming Decks Vote: deadalready14, s5-darylcarol19
- Peeptin: melissamcbride05, p-s6-aaron08, s1-rickgrimes19
- Lottery: f-s1-travismadison16, popfigures214
- Make A Wish: f-s1-patientzero07, s2-allthistime03
- Memory: guts11, s2-daryldixon18
- Spin The Wheel: melissamcbride03, p-s5-daryl16
- Higher or Lower: s2-daryldixon14, s1-ricklori13
- Blackjack: s2-glennmaggie09, spend17
- Card Claim: f-pilot12, guts03, laurieholden02, p-s5-glenn04
- Tic Tac Toe: s5-darylcarol12

02/02/16 ------------
- Level Up (5): p-s5-tyreese02, s2-prettyconfident10, s5-darylcarol11
- Master (emilykinney): f-pilot16, s1-rickgrimes14, s2-allthistime08, s5-darylcarol06, s5-darylcarol07
- Master (guts): emilykinney20, melissamcbride04, s2-prettyconfident07, s3-silentproposal09, s5-darylcarol08
- Master (tothefrogs): f-s1-patientzero15, emilykinney08, emilykinney12, normanreedus13, s1-lorigrimes03
- Master (s4-theflowers): claimed17, emilykinney05, emilykinney07, p-s6-deanna14, s2-glennmaggie19
- Master (s5-glennmaggie): emilykinney03, f-s1-travismadison19, guts20, s3-merledixon04, s5-abrahamford06
- Master (p-s5-tyreese): f-s1-travismadison03, guts18, guts19, melissamcbride01, s1-lorigrimes09

01/25/16 ------------
- Master (deadalready): emilykinney02, guts15, guts16, normanreedus08, s2-prettyconfident04
- Master (claimed): f-s1-patientzero08, s5-abrahamford10, s5-glennmaggie12, tothefrogs17, tothefrogs18
- Master (s1-rickgrimes): melissamcbride15, p-s6-aaron06, p-s6-deanna05, tothefrogs08, tothefrogs12

01/24/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: laurieholden19, s5-abrahamford19
- Freebies: daysgonebye01, spend09
- Slots: daysgonebye17, p-s6-walkerdaryl20
- Hangman: p-s5-maggie12, s3-michonne06, spend07
- War: p-s5-maggie04, s2-carlgrimes19
- Upcoming Decks Vote: p-s6-walkerdaryl19, spend13
- Peeptin: s1-ricklori07, s2-glennmaggie08, tothefrogs10
- Lottery: emilykinney15, laurieholden06, s5-darylcarol15
- Make a Wish (2): claimed19, p-s5-tyreese18, s5-maggiegreene09, s5-maggiegreene14
- Memory: p-s6-aaron16, spend08
- Spin the Wheel: guts17, laurieholden17, p-s5-tyreese11, s1-ts19eiv09, tothefrogs09
- Higher or Lower: claimed13, p-s6-aaron14
- Melting Pot: normanreedus05, s1-lorigrimes12 for davidmorrissey01, s5-darylcarol09
- Blackjack: deadalready20, s3-michonne12
- Card Claim: davidmorrissey02, davidmorrissey05, daysgonebye17, deadalready09
- Tic Tac Toe: stevenyeun03
- Updates: claimed08, claimed12, deadalready12, deadalready18, guts10, guts12, p-s5-tyreese08, p-s5-tyreese10, s3-michonne01, s5-glennmaggie15, s5-glennmaggie17, s6-thankyou01, s6-thankyou02

01/16/15 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: emilykinney18, p-s5-glenn03
- Freebies: f-pilot20, s2-daryldixon12
- Slots: deadalready09, s2-glennmaggie19
- Hangman: davidmorrissey10, p-s5-glenn06, s4-hammertime05
- War: melissamcbride13, s3-merledixon02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: s2-dalehorvath05, s5-maggiegreene02
- Peeptin: p-s5-carol06, p-s5-tyreese13, spend04
- Lottery: f-s1-patientzero13, normanreedus12, s1-rickgrimes09, s4-hammertime09
- Memory: emilykinney04, s5-darylcarol17
- Spin the Wheel: deadalready11, s1-ricklori19
- Higher or Lower: p-s5-glenn13, s5-darylcarol13
- Blackjack: emilykinney17, p-s6-aaron09
- Card Claim: emilykinney19, f-s1-patientzero04, guts11, p-s5-tyreese06
- Tic Tac Toe: s1-imherenow09

01/10/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: popfigures207, s2-prettyconfident11
- Freebies: s2-daryldixon17, s4-theflowers12
- Slots: f-pilot10, guts09
- Hangman: f-soclose16, p-s5-maggie06, stevenyeun14
- War: normanreedus05, s3-merledixon17
- Upcoming Decks Vote: p-s6-walkerdaryl08, s5-abrahamford04
- Peeptin: daysgonebye01, f-soclose16, p-s5-daryl13
- Lottery: deadalready08, s4-darylbeth19
- Memory: s5-darylcarol10, s5-maggiegreene13
- Spin the Wheel: claimed15, f-s1-travismadison14, p-s5-tyreese09, s4-hammertime10, s5-glennmaggie16
- Higher or Lower: s1-lorigrimes12, s1-shanewalsh04
- Blackjack: s2-dalehorvath13, s5-abrahamford12
- Card Claim: davidmorrissey05, deadalready14, emilykinney14, f-soclose16
- Tic Tac Toe: s4-darylbeth03
- Updates: claimed07, emilykinney01, s1-ricklori01, s2-dalehorvath01, s2-dalehorvath02, s2-prettyconfident03, s3-merledixon14, s5-glennmaggie10, tothefrogs06, tothefrogs07

01/02/16 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: normanreedus18, s2-allthistime07
- Freebies: davidmorrissey13, p-s5-glenn08
- Slots: f-s1-patientzero02, p-s6-walkerdaryl15
- Hangman: f-soclose16, s2-carlgrimes18, tothefrogs19
- War: claimed14, spend15
- Peeptin: p-s6-walkerdaryl13, popfigures112, s2-glennmaggie02
- Lottery: daysgonebye11, p-s6-walkerdaryl09, s2-daryldixon17
- Memory: popfigures203, s5-darylcarol18
- Spin the Wheel: f-soclose06, p-s5-rick12, s5-glennmaggie12, spend11
- Higher or Lower: s1-ricklori08, s1-ricklori10
- Blackjack: popfigures115, s1-shanewalsh20
- Tic Tac Toe: f-s1-patientzero05
- Updates: claimed05, claimed06, deadalready04, deadalready05, guts05, guts08, p-s5-tyreese02, p-s5-tyreese05, p-s6-walkerdaryl01, p-s6-walkerdaryl02, s1-rickgrimes18, s1-rickgrimes20, s2-carlgrimes01, s2-prettyconfident01, s4-theflowers11, s4-theflowers15, s5-darylcarol05, s5-glennmaggie07, s5-glennmaggie08, spend03

12/25/15 ------------
- Master (s1-lorigrimes): f-s1-travismadison16, s1-rickgrimes16, s1-rickgrimes17, s5-glennmaggie05, s5-maggiegreene07
- Level Up (4): s1-lorigrimes18, s1-ricklori14, s4-darylbeth08

12/20/15 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: claimed20, p-s5-tyreese15
- Freebies: s3-silentproposal05, s5-darylcarol14
- Slots: s3-silentproposal02, s4-ricksdecision11
- Hangman: deadalready19, s2-daryldixon17, s5-glennmaggie06
- War: claimed17, p-s5-glenn07
- Upcoming Decks Vote: p-s5-glenn04, stevenyeun04
- Peeptin: s1-rickgrimes12, s1-rickgrimes15, s4-ricksdecision02
- Lottery: laurieholden15, s2-prettyconfident10
- Make a Wish: p-s6-aaron02, s1-ricklori20
- Memory: p-s5-tyreese17, s5-darylcarol04
- Spin the Wheel: f-s1-travismadison19, s1-lorigrimes19, s2-allthistime07, s5-glennmaggie20
- Higher or Lower: s4-ricksdecision01, s5-abrahamford05
- Blackjack: s2-prettyconfident13, spend05
- Card Claim: davidmorrissey11, deadalready10, guts14, melissamcbride02
- Tic Tac Toe: p-s5-daryl14
- Updates: claimed01, claimed02, deadalready02, deadalready03, guts02, guts03, laurieholden01, laurieholden02, p-s5-tyreese01, p-s6-aaron01, s1-lorigrimes15, s1-lorigrimes16, s1-rickgrimes03, s1-rickgrimes05, s2-glennmaggie01, s2-glennmaggie07, s4-theflowers05, s4-theflowers08, s5-glennmaggie01, s5-glennmaggie02, tothefrogs01, tothefrogs05

12/17/15 ------------
- Master (daysgonebye): p-s5-rick01, p-s5-rick03, s1-lorigrimes03, s1-lorigrimes04, spend10
- Master (s1-shanewalsh): daysgonebye17, daysgonebye19, f-pilot20, p-s5-daryl08, s5-glennmaggie04
- Master (p-s5-daryl): daysgonebye07, daysgonebye15, deadalready13, p-s5-daryl03, popfigures105
- Master (popfigures2): daysgonebye16, f-pilot09, s1-shanewalsh11, s1-shanewalsh12, s4-ricksdecision03
- Master (popfigures1): f-s1-patientzero14, f-s1-travismadison20, popfigures215, popfigures218, s2-prettyconfident15
- Doubles Trade-In: s1-ricklori04 for f-s1-patientzero15
- Doubles Trade-In: p-s5-rick08, s3-andreamichonne13 for claimed04, s1-ricklori04
- Doubles Trade-In: deadalready15, emilykinney11, emilykinney13, f-pilot04, f-pilot20, f-pilot20, p-s5-daryl14, p-s5-tyreese07, s1-ricklori18, s1-shanewalsh14, s2-glennmaggie14, s2-glennmaggie18, s2-prettyconfident02, s3-andreamichonne16, s4-ricksdecision03, s4-theflowers13, s5-maggiegreene11, s5-maggiegreene20, tothefrogs16 for daysgonebye12, emilykinney06, emilykinney09, f-s1-patientzero10, normanreedus12, p-s5-rick08, popfigures213, s1-ricklori04, s1-shanewalsh07, s1-shanewalsh19, s2-daryldixon19, s2-glennmaggie06, s2-prettyconfident14, s3-andreamichonne13, s3-andreamichonne14, s5-darylcarol02, spend20, tothefrogs13, tothefrogs15

12/13/15 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: spend01, s4-theflowers10
- Freebies: normanreedus17, s4-darylbeth08
- Slots: s1-ricklori11, s1-shanewalsh10
- Hangman: p-s5-tyreese04, s1-rickgrimes08, s4-theflowers14
- War: p-s5-daryl16, s1-shanewalsh18
- Upcoming Decks Vote: f-pilot03, s1-rickgrimes14
- Peeptin: s4-ricksdecision15, s5-maggiegreene11, stevenyeun10
- Lottery: claimed16, p-s5-rick01
- Make a Wish: p-s5-daryl15, s3-andreamichonne16
- Memory: s4-ricksdecision03, s4-theflowers12
- Spin the Wheel: f-pilot07
- Higher or Lower: f-s1-travismadison15, popfigures119
- Blackjack: davidmorrissey04, s3-andreamichonne16
- Card Claim: daysgonebye10, s1-shanewalsh08, s1-ts19eiv07, s4-theflowers07
- Tic Tac Toe: s5-maggiegreene20
- Updates: daysgonebye06, deadalready01, f-pilot01, p-s5-daryl12, s3-andreamichonne13, s3-silentproposal01, s3-silentproposal09, s4-theflowers02, s5-abrahamford20

12/08/15 ------------
- Master (p-s5-rick): f-pilot20, popfigures112, popfigures117, s1-ricklori18, s4-hammertime14
- Master (normanreedus): claimed09, guts04, p-s5-rick06, p-s5-rick09, s4-theflowers09
- Master (s2-daryldixon): davidmorrissey18, normanreedus16, normanreedus19, s2-prettyconfident02, s5-darylcarol16
- Master (s2-allthistime): guts01, p-s5-tyreese07, s2-daryldixon17, s2-daryldixon18, s5-maggiegreene18

12/05/15 ------------
- Member of the Week: claimed11, p-s5-glenn10, s1-lorigrimes05, s1-ricklori09, s2-glennmaggie18
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: emilykinney13, popfigures214
- Freebies: deadalready07, normanreedus09
- Slots: p-s5-tyreese16, s2-prettyconfident02
- Hangman: s4-theflowers06, s5-maggiegreene16, spend02
- War: f-pilot20, s1-lorigrimes11
- Upcoming Decks Vote: daysgonebye08, tothefrogs16
- Peeptin: guts13, s2-glennmaggie17, s5-glennmaggie03
- Lottery: s2-allthistime10, s2-glennmaggie15
- Make a Wish: s5-glennmaggie09, stevenyeun18
- Memory: p-s5-glenn09, normanreedus10
- Spin the Wheel: popfigures211
- Higher or Lower: f-pilot04, s1-ts19eiv13
- Blackjack: s1-imherenow08, s5-maggiegreene20
- Card Claim: daysgonebye18, normanreedus13, p-s5-daryl17, s1-lorigrimes10
- Tic Tac Toe: s1-ricklori18
- Updates: daysgonebye09, deadalready15, f-pilot16, f-s1-patientzero08, melissamcbride08, p-s5-glenn01, popfigures104, popfigures207, s1-ts19eiv01, s1-ts19eiv02, s2-allthistime11, s2-glennmaggie11, s2-prettyconfident08, s4-ricksdecision03, s4-ricksdecision15, spend06

12/02/15 ------------
- Trade Card (2): daysgonebye11, normanreedus17, s2-daryldixon12
- Level Up (3): f-pilot04, s1-shanewalsh14, s2-daryldixon09

11/29/15 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: f-pilot08, popfigures109
- Freebies: s2-prettyconfident04, s5-darylcarol03
- Slots: s4-hammertime08, s4-theflowers01
- Hangman: popfigures110, normanreedus04, normanreedus12
- War: f-pilot20, popfigures219
- Upcoming Decks Vote: melissamcbride20, s5-glennmaggie19
- Peeptin: emilykinney11, s2-glennmaggie14, stevenyeun13
- Lottery: daysgonebye02, p-s5-rick12, s5-glennmaggie14, s5-maggiegreene11
- Make a Wish: f-s1-patientzero01, p-s5-tyreese07
- Memory: s1-imherenow05, s1-shanewalsh09
- Wheel of Fortune: guts06, s1-rickgrimes09, s4-theflowers03
- Higher or Lower: s1-imherenow11, s2-glennmaggie18
- Blackjack: f-s1-travismadison05, guts07
- Card Claim: popfigures108, popfigures114, s5-darylcarol20, tothefrogs11
- Tic Tac Toe: p-s5-daryl10
- Updates: davidmorrissey14, daysgonebye04, daysgonebye20, normanreedus07, normanreedus08, p-s5-daryl06, p-s5-daryl09, p-s5-glenn03, p-s5-glenn07, p-s5-rick03, p-s5-rick05, popfigures106, popfigures111, popfigures201, popfigures202, s1-rickgrimes02, s1-shanewalsh05, s1-shanewalsh06, s2-allthistime06, s2-allthistime07, s2-daryldixon07, s2-daryldixon08, s5-darylcarol01

11/21/15 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: s2-allthistime15, tothefrogs03
- Freebies: s2-allthistime09, s2-daryldixon05
- Slots: s2-glennmaggie14, s5-glennmaggie05
- Hangman: daysgonebye14, p-s5-rick08, s1-lorigrimes13
- War: s1-imherenow02, s4-theflowers04
- Upcoming Decks Vote: s2-glennmaggie05, s4-theflowers13
- Peeptin: deadalready06, s1-ricklori15, s4-theflowers13
- Lottery: claimed10, p-s5-tyreese03
- Make a Wish: claimed03, s1-rickgrimes04
- Memory: normanreedus18, p-s5-rick11
- Spin the Wheel: f-pilot09, guts18, p-s5-rick13, p-s5-tyreese14, s5-darylcarol07
- Higher or Lower: f-s1-patientzero12, s2-daryldixon11
- Blackjack: p-s5-daryl04, p-s5-daryl14
- Card Claim: deadalready15, f-s1-travismadison04, popfigures105, s1-lorigrimes12
- Tic Tac Toe: emilykinney13

11/16/15 ------------
- Trade Card (1): deadalready16, s1-lorigrimes09, s2-daryldixon06

11/14/15 ------------
- Doubles Trade-In: melissamcbride16, s4-theflowers15 for p-s5-rick15, s5-glennmaggie18
- Doubles Trade-In: normanreedus02, p-s5-tyreese15, s1-lorigrimes07, s1-ricklori15, s1-shanewalsh02, s2-daryldixon03, s2-prettyconfident02, s5-maggiegreene19, s5-maggiegreene19 for daysgonebye13, emilykinney11, melissamcbride16, p-s5-tyreese13, s1-ricklori20, s2-glennmaggie05, s4-theflowers15, s5-glennmaggie13, tothefrogs16
- Level Up (2): claimed18, deadalready17, s2-daryldixon05
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: p-s5-rick18, s5-maggiegreene19
- Freebies (2): guts19, s1-lorigrimes07, s2-daryldixon03, s4-theflowers06
- Slots: popfigures206, s5-maggiegreene02
- Hangman: popfigures204, s2-allthistime05, s2-prettyconfident08
- War: popfigures203, s2-prettyconfident02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: p-s5-tyreese15, s1-ricklori17
- Peeptin: popfigures212, s1-imherenow08, s1-shanewalsh15
- Lottery: f-s1-patientzero02, melissamcbride16, s1-imherenow05, s4-theflowers15
- Make a Wish: s2-allthistime08, s4-hammertime08
- Memory: p-s5-rick08, tothefrogs02
- Spin the Wheel: s1-shanewalsh02, s4-hammertime04, s4-theflowers11
- Higher or Lower: guts20, tothefrogs04
- Blackjack: normanreedus02, popfigures220
- Card Claim 2: p-s5-rick13, s1-rickgrimes10
- Card Claim: claimed01, emilykinney10
- Tic Tac Toe: s4-theflowers08
- Updates: claimed17, daysgonebye01, p-s5-daryl02, p-s5-daryl03, s1-lorigrimes14, s1-shanewalsh03, s1-shanewalsh04, s2-allthistime01, s2-daryldixon03, s2-daryldixon04, s5-glennmaggie11, stevenyeun04

11/13/15 ------------
- Rock, Paper, Scissors: guts07, s1-imherenow06
- Freebies: s2-daryldixon11, s4-theflowers14
- Slots: p-s5-rick01, p-s5-tyreese15
- Hangman: emilykinney16, s5-darylcarol14, s5-maggiegreene19
- War: guts06, s5-darylcarol13
- Peeptin: f-s1-patientzero05, normanreedus01, s1-ricklori15
- Memory: daysgonebye05, s1-ricklori15
- Spin the Wheel: deadalready19, s1-lorigrimes07, s2-allthistime13, s2-daryldixon14, s4-hammertime05
- Higher or Lower: f-s1-patientzero11, s5-maggiegreene19
- Blackjack: p-s5-rick14, s2-prettyconfident02
- Card Claim: daysgonebye16, deadalready05, deadalready07, popfigures107
- Tic Tac Toe: emilykinney05
- Updates: melissamcbride08, normanreedus02, p-s5-daryl01, p-s5-daryl04, p-s5-daryl14, p-s5-rick02, s1-lorigrimes01, s1-lorigrimes08, s1-rickgrimes01, s1-shanewalsh01, s1-shanewalsh02, s1-shanewalsh13, s1-shanewalsh17, s2-daryldixon01, s2-prettyconfident01, s5-maggiegreene05, tothefrogs20

11/12/15 ------------
- Starter Pack: deadalready06, f-pilot07, f-s1-travismadison02, s2-allthistime03, s2-daryldixon02, s2-daryldixon19, tothefrogs14
Trade Log
01/24/16 ------------
- Traded Cherry: s3-merledixon17 for deadalready17

12/17/15 ------------
- Traded Sami: p-s5-daryl04, p-s5-glenn01, p-s5-glenn03, p-s5-glenn07, p-s5-glenn09, p-s5-glenn10, s4-ricksdecision15, stevenyeun18 for popfigures120, popfigures216, popfigures217, s1-lorigrimes17, s1-rickgrimes06, s1-rickgrimes07, s1-rickgrimes11, s1-rickgrimes13

12/05/15 ------------
- Traded Cherry: deadalready05, deadalready06, deadalready07, deadalready17, guts07, guts19, guts20 for normanreedus03, p-s5-daryl13, p-s5-rick16, s1-shanewalsh20, s2-allthistime02, s2-allthistime12, s2-allthistime14

12/02/15 ------------
- Traded Ivy: guts18 for p-s5-rick10

11/20/15 ------------
- Traded Rheanna: f-pilot07, mc-Kayori, s1-ricklori15, s5-maggiegreene02 for mc-Rheanna, normanreedus05, normanreedus15, p-s5-daryl07

11/17/15 ------------
- Traded Maladjusted: claimed01, claimed17, mc-Kayori for mc-Maladjusted, s1-lorigrimes06, s1-lorigrimes20

11/16/15 ------------
- Traded Kira: emilykinney05, mc-Kayori for mc-Kira, popfigures102
- Traded Sami: mc-Kayori, s4-theflowers06, s4-theflowers08, s4-theflowers11, s4-theflowers14, s4-theflowers15, stevenyeun04 for mc-Sami, p-s5-rick04, popfigures115, popfigures118, popfigures208, popfigures210, s1-lorigrimes02
- Traded Ivy: s1-imherenow06 for s2-daryldixon20
- Traded Mousey: f-s1-travismadison02, mc-Kayori, p-s5-tyreese13, p-s5-tyreese15, s1-imherenow05, s1-imherenow08, s1-ricklori17, s1-ricklori20, s2-prettyconfident08, s4-hammertime05, s4-hammertime08 for mc-Mousey, normanreedus14, p-s5-daryl11, popfigures101, popfigures103, popfigures113, popfigures116, popfigures205, popfigures209, s1-rickgrimes19, s2-daryldixon13

11/15/15 ------------
- Traded Heather: deadalready19, mc-Kayori for mc-Heather, normanreedus20
- Traded Catherine: f-s1-patientzero02, mc-Kayori, s4-hammertime04 for mc-Catherine, normanreedus06, p-s5-rick17
- Traded Lien: s2-glennmaggie05, s2-prettyconfident01, s2-prettyconfident02 for p-s5-rick07, s1-shanewalsh14, s2-allthistime04

11/14/15 ------------
- Traded Jun: mc-Kayori, melissamcbride16, s5-darylcarol13, s5-darylcarol14 for mc-Jun, p-s5-daryl05, p-s5-daryl08, p-s5-daryl18
- Traded Ivy: guts06, mc-Kayori, s5-maggiegreene05, s5-maggiegreene19 for mc-Ivy, normanreedus11, s2-daryldixon10, s2-daryldixon16
- Traded Ajisaitea: f-s1-patientzero05, f-s1-patientzero11, mc-Kayori, melissamcbride08 for daysgonebye03, mc-Ajisaitea, s1-shanewalsh16, s2-daryldixon15